Producing a successful event requires the support of a strong foundation, and clients can be sure that this historic landmark building has them covered (both literally and figuratively). To host an event at ONE North Broad is to have access to a range of amenities that makes for a smooth experience. Below, we give you a peek behind the curtain at just a few of the cogs in our very well-oiled machine.

Space to Stretch Out

ONE North Broad offers many breathtaking event spaces, but we also have a handful of private spaces for you and your VIPs. Our two luxe day suites with towering ceilings and comfortable, upholstered furniture offer the perfect intimate green room or wedding suite. These suites are used for wedding parties to hide away before walking down the aisle, or for having a moment to privately enjoy a champagne toast post-ceremony. The suites are equally perfect for musicians and keynote speakers to tuck into before they go “onstage.” Our corporate and event planners love to use these suites as their home base when producing events on-site.

Another space to stretch out is in The Wanamaker Room on our lower level. This room not only can serve as an elegant dining room, versatile event space or executive meeting room, but it can also transform into an on-site office or private break room for professionals and vendors working along with us on your special event.

Get ‘Em While They’re Hot!

If you’ve ever attended an event with cold hors d’oeuvres, food that was served tepid or dishes that appeared slowly from some distant place, you’ll appreciate this next amenity. In addition to our professionally equipped on-site commercial kitchen, ONE North Broad has a “turnout kitchen” on each floor we use for entertaining. Catering By Design chefs work efficiently in these satellite kitchens to ensure that food is fired and plated immediately for service to your guests. Swift and perfectly prepped and served cuisine is what it’s all about!

The A-Team

Every facility has its staff, but few have a roster of experts like the ones at ONE North Broad. In addition to a sales and events team that walks you through every step of the journey – from conception through execution – we have a stellar support team in house. This team consists of mechanics, engineers, maintenance and security professionals who not only work as caretakers of this extraordinary building, but also as caretakers of you and your guests. This is not a team that turns on the lights and then leaves. From hands-on audio/visual support to exceptional and personal customer service (not to mention a robust knowledge of the building), our staff adds value to every event. Our entire team has heart, passion and dedication, and it shows.

Professional Vendor Management

Our sales and events team will coordinate and communicate with your vendors to ensure they have precise directions to our receiving door, know when they can deliver and load in, are prepared with where to set up and have all that they need on-site. What might be less obvious, but incredibly important, is that we invite vendors on-site prior to your event to tour the venue and ensure they are comfortable with it. A vendor who is lost or late, who doesn’t know the scope of the space they are working in or who does not receive customer service is a vendor who feels unsupported, and in turn, may be flustered. A flustered vendor can’t give you their best. We make sure your vendors feel completely supported and help them be their best for you. This behind-the-scenes care creates a win-win scenario for everyone.

Your event is our focus. Sharing a few of our favorite “behind the scenes” tricks of the trade gives you a sneak peek into how we can serve you and exceed your expectations. Now that you know some of our secrets, we hope you’ll consider us for your next event!

Contact us today to learn more and see the space for yourself!