Image Credit: Pictures by Todd Photography

ONE North Broad, located in the historic Masonic Temple in Philadelphia, offers unique and exquisite spaces that turn into incredible settings for any corporate event.

A National Historic Landmark built in 1873, the Masonic Temple is open to both Freemasons and non-Freemasons. It features 19th century-inspired rooms based on themes of ancient architecture and sweeping grand staircases, foyers and a Grand Ballroom with all the bells and whistles (take our word for it, or come see for yourself!).

Differing from the traditional hotel conference room space, hosting your corporate event at the Masonic Temple provides guests with an immersive and incredible experience, surrounded by artwork, frescos, stained glass and murals.

Whether it’s an executive board meeting, a week-long symposium, a seminar with a presentation over dinner or company workshops, whatever your requirements are, our meeting rooms offer ideal and versatile settings.

Visitors can get down to the business of the day, while at the same time being inspired by the artwork and architecture and a wide assortment of historic artifacts related to the history of the Masonic fraternity in Philadelphia and beyond.

Don’t worry! The purpose of your event should and still WILL be the focus. Our venue will only enhance, not distract, from that focus. In addition to the “energy” guests feel when walking into a historic venue, a location like ours can also increase attendance for an event.

We’ve heard many times from clients that attendance was higher than anticipated because of the opportunity to be invited into the Masonic Temple, a treasure hidden in plain sight, right in the heart of Center City.

As an added bonus, you don’t need to spend much money on décor when you host your event in a historic space like ours. The design and function of the building makes the event more enjoyable and easy to host. While incorporating design and branding is important and helps personalize the event, the distinctive charm and cultural significance of the venue creates an atmosphere that will leave a lasting impression on attendees.