1. Location. Quite often, museums are situated in ideal locations, surrounded by everything your guests would want when coming to your event – from hotel accommodations to fine dining, shopping, convenient parking and sightseeing opportunities. ONE North Broad, housed in the historic Masonic Temple, Library and Museum, is situated in the heart of Philadelphia. It’s located right next to Philadelphia City Hall, down the street from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and close to the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. The area offers hotel, dining and shopping experiences for all who visit. 

2. History. Museums exist as either a piece of history themselves or as a place to house historic items. The Masonic Temple is a combination of both. A National Historic Landmark constructed in 1873, it is considered one of the great “wonders” of the Masonic world. It also houses a museum featuring a wide assortment of treasures from Philadelphia’s, America’s and Freemasonry’s past. 

3. Memorable Experience. A museum offers a one-of-a-kind setting unlikely to be forgotten. Where else can you host an event surrounded by artwork, frescos, stained glass, murals and sculptures? The Masonic Temple connects both Masons and non-Masons alike to an inspirational world of art and architecture.  

4. Mission. Most museums have a mission to preserve, share and expose guests to their collections and their purpose. Hosting an event in a museum allows for the promotion and continuation of this mission. 

5. Character. A museum can give your event that uniqueness and chic sense of style you won’t find in a traditional wedding venue. Additionally, choosing a museum that fits your aesthetic offers you built-in design. There’s no need to pay for extensive décor to dress the space – it’s already there. 

6. Versatility. Museums are grand buildings with expansive foyers, galleries and beautiful rooms, which guests can customize to be perfect settings for gatherings of all sizes, dining and celebrating. 

7. Attendance. Hosting your event in a special location, like a museum, engages guests on another level. Besides getting to attend your event, they will have the opportunity to explore a place they may not have known about or been able to visit before. 

The dynamic and versatile spaces within the Masonic Temple offer perfect settings to host corporate and other events, weddings and elegant galas.  

If any or all of these reasons sound appealing for your next wedding, corporate or other event, contact ONE North Broad TODAY to book your special event!